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Letter From My Darlin transcription PDF (68k)

Letter From My Darlin audio - full speed MP3 (484k)

Letter From My Darlin - half speed MP3 (968k)

I'm Blue, I'm Lonesome transcription PDF (92k)

I'm Blue, I'm Lonesome audio - full speed MP3 (552k)

I'm Blue, I'm Lonesome - half speed MP3 (1MB)


Bluegrass Reunion
Various Artists
Transcriber John McGann's notes for Dawg's Solos on
Letter From My Darlin and I'm Blue, I'm Lonesome

Letter From My Darlin

If you know the original version of this classic song from the 1954 "The High Lonesome Sound of Bill Monroe" LP, you’ll recognize how Dawg pays respect to the original solo, while adding his own view to the ideas played by Big Mon. I’ve written out some of the tremolo to help illustrate how controlled and clean the execution can be. Listen for the sound of consecutive downstrokes on the eighth note passages.

I'm Blue, I'm Lonesome

Classic bluegrass mandolin intro and solo in the key of B. Note the smooth tremolo and clean tone. Deeply Monroe in spirit, deeply Dawg in sound!