Disc 1
  1. Blue Moon Of Kentucky
  2. Old Joe Clark
  3. The Cakewalk
  4. Wayfaring Stranger
  5. I'm Going Back To Old Kentucky
  6. McCoury Blues
  7. Cherokee Lady
  8. Down Home Waltz
  9. Blue Grass Special
10. Miss Izzie
11. Catnip
12. Panhandle Country
13. One-Legged Man
14. East Tennessee Blues
15. B Natural
16. So You Stand Back
17. Where Are You Tonight?

  Disc 2
  1. Roanoke
  2. Cattle in the Cane
  3. Dixie Hoedown
  4. Ashokan Farewell
  5. Cumberland Gap
  6. Sassyfras
  7. Golden Slippers
  8. Say Old Man
  9. Westphalia Waltz
10. Play It Pretty, Me
11. Mexican Stomp
12. Dusty Miller
13. Cajun Mandolin
14. Boston Boy
15. Who At My Door Is Standing?
16. Blue Moon of Kentucky
17. World's Shortest Rawhide

ACD 35
Various Artists

Mandolin,the sweet, high voice that gives bluegrass that special flavor, is the focus of Bluegrass Mandolin Extravaganza (ACD-35), an extraordinary double CD from Acoustic Disc. Produced by Ronnie McCoury and David Grisman, this newly-recorded collection features eight of today's greatest pickers in solo, duet, trio and octet settings, accompanied by Del McCoury on guitar.

This 34-track set of over 100 minutes of music includes traditional tunes like 'Wayfaring Stranger' (Sam Bush) and 'Cumberland Gap' along with such Bill Monroe classics as 'Blue Moon of Kentucky' and 'Bluegrass Special' (Ricky Skaggs). Originals like Jesse McReynolds' 'Dixie Hoedown,' Bobby Osborne's 'Cherokee Lady,' Frank Wakefield's 'Catnip' and Buck White's 'Down Home Waltz,' as well as 'B Natural,' a Grisman/McCoury tribute to the father of bluegrass music, round out this once-in-a-lifetime recording event. Bluegrass Mandolin Extravaganza comes packaged in a slipcase with a handsomely crafted 44-page booklet of biographical notes and photos.

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