1. Drum Overture
    2. Autobiography
    3. What's Your IQ?
    4. Drummers
    5. Rat in a Pawn Shop
    6. Accordian Player
    7. I'm Polish Too
    8. I'm a Dawg
    9. The Happy Marriage
10. The Naked Jogger
11. Shaker Rock
12. Calling for Mrs.
13. The Height of Optimism
14. Violin vs. Viola
15. The Rescue
16. The Magic Golf Ball
17. Cannibals
18. Bo Diddley Toms
19. Return to Italy
20. The Gondola Singer
21. Carrot In an Accident
22. Golden Urinal
23. The Firing Squad
24. Texans
25. Tex & the Waitress
26. Over the Rainbow
27. Jazz-Bop
28. The Deaf Wife
29. Dawg Show
30. Honda
31. The Magic Pill
32. Lawrence Welk
33. The Nashville Audtion
34. Strangers in the Night
35. Talking Drums
36. Drums must Never Stop
Out of Print - Available for download
ACD 31
Hal Blaine

Classic Gags & Grooves from the "World's Greatest Drummer" In a culture that's so politically correct it's slowly losing its sense of humor, Hal Blaine brings it back with a vengeance on Buh-Doom! (ACD 31), produced by David Grisman. No joke is too old to tell or nationality too precious to poke fun at for Hal Blaine, better known to legions of fans, musicians, sound engineers, producers and record industry moguls as "The World's Greatest Drummer." You've heard Hal's drums on 362 gold records (including hits by Phil Spector, Elvis Presley, the Beach Boys, Simon & Garfunkel, Frank and Nancy Sinatra, the Mamas & the Papas, John Denver and countless others), seven consecutive "Record of the Year" albums and some 35,000 song titles spanning the last 40 years of popular music.

With Buh-Doom!, his first comedy project ever, Hal is finally going "on record" with both sides of his unique personality - his music and his sense of humor. Who do you think kept Elvis loose enough to move those hips? Who could make even Paul Simon smile? On Buh Doom!, Hal delivers a cornucopia of classic stories (punctuated by his amazing percussion and masterful drumming) to a live audience, recorded in the intimate setting of Dawg Studios. Each of these jokes has been tested in the back rooms of recording studios for years. Give it a listen and you too will discover the laughter behind the hits of our time.

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