1. Gran's Blues
   2. A Secret Love
   3. Love in Provence
   4. A Simple Matter
   5. Memories of Tomorrow
   6. Troubled Thoughts
   7. Like Someone In Love
   8. Pra Dizer Adeus
   9. Flute Jazz
10. Speak Low
11. My Flower
12. I Love You
13. Monk Asks Billy for a Smoke
Out of Print - Available for download
ACD 30
Matt Eakle

Matt Eakle, best known for his ecclectic ensemble work in the David Grisman Quintet, branches out on his own with his first feature album, Flute Jazz on Acoustic Disc. Matt brings to this tasty collection of original and standard jazz compositions his reputation as a master flute technician and jazz stylist, as well as the brilliant musicianship which has enhanced and enriched the sound of the David Grisman Quintet and captivated audiences worldwide.

While Matt has an uncanny ability to transcend any musical style with his flute, jazz is the genre that he loves most. In the true spirit of jazz, this recording is comprised entirely of complete, unedited takes, recorded directly to two-track analog. "The minimalist approach taken by Matt," says his co-producer David Grisman, "reveals a style of 'chamber' music that swings as hard as a big band." In addition to Matt on flute, this "drumless" trio includes jazz notables Davis Ramey on guitar and Harvie Swartz on bass.

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