DISC 1
   1. 2nd Hungarian Rhapsody  
   2. Two Guitars  
   3. Sweet Sue  
   4. A Media Luz  
   5. Russian Rag  
   6. Mandolin Blues
   7. No Te Enganes Corazon  
   8. La Cucaracha 
   9. Czardas  
10. Tiger Rag  
11. Poet and the Peasant Overture  
12. Dark Eyes
13. When a Gypsy Makes His Violin Cry  
14. Who  
15. Who (Alternate Take) 
16. Trees

17. The Lady in Red  
18. Shine  
19. You Go To My Head  
20. I Want To Be Happy  
21. You, the Night, and the Music  
22. Music Maestro Please  
23. Spanish Fantasy 

  DISC 2
  1. Perfidia  
  2. Stardust  
  3. Begin the Beguine  
  4. Dark Eyes  
  5. Smoke Gets In Your  Eyes  
  6. Two Guitars
  7. Czardas
  8. Gypsy Aires     

11. Hora Staccato  
12. Zigeunerweisen
13. St. Louis Blues  
14. Parlez D'Amour 
15. So in Love  
16. Lover (Take 1) 
17. Love your Magic Spell  
18. What is This Thing Called Love  
19. If I Loved You  
20. The Man I Love  
21. They Say It's Wonderful  
22. Moonlight Love  
23. Amour Medley
24. Lover Come Back to Me 
25. Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man  
26. Love Is  the Sweetest Thing  
27. Lover (Take 8) 
28. Love Me Or Leave Me

ACD 27
Dave Apollon

Double Disc Chronicles Mandolin Virtuoso The Man with the Mandolin is a double CD set featuring the complete recordings (from 1930 to 1956) of the late great Dave Apollon. Mandolin fans of all genres will rejoice in over two hours of his music (19 of the 51 cuts on this epic project are previously unissued) packaged with a 20-page booklet of historical photos and text written by the project's producer, David Grisman. Says David, "Happily, this compilation puts back in circulation the rare recordings of a mandolin genius in his prime."

Apollon was the first "new world" mandolinist -- the first to technically master the instrument and the first to adapt this technique to all styles of music. "His unique style has influenced and inspired mandolinists from all musical walks of life," says David, "and the excellence of his playing and the diversity of his repertoire established new standards for mandolinists that inspire us to this day." Mastered utilizing the No-NoiseĈ process by Sonic Solutions, this collection of rare classic recordings is a must for all lovers of mandolin music.

*Mastered with HDCD process (High Definition Compatible Digital) for best audio resolution When I asked Jethro Burns who was the greatest mandolin player he ever heard, he answered without hesitation, "Dave Apollon." - David Grisman

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